Well hello, happy blog reader. It's been a while. I know. I've finally set up my new (also neglected) blog, meganlindsayblog.com so you can check that out if you'd like... I think I'll keep this one around because fewer people know about it and I can kind of be more candid here, I feel.

Training has been good. It's been exhausting. I think I'm suffering from information overload at this point, just trying to stay afloat. I have never felt simultaneously so ready and so unprepared for a task.

I find myself having to retreat to God's word and God's presence frequently. This is so necessary and I'm so thankful that God has brought my heart to this place. I have a habit of writing down my prayers or taking notes to keep myself busy and engaged, which ironically distracts me from the fact that I am interacting with the God of the universe. These past two weeks have made me thirsty for time alone, lying on my bed and pouring out my heart to God. This morning in the middle of a session, I got so overwhelmed with the moral obligations of being a missionary (feeling the need to be perfect, that I am being constantly surveilled and judged) that I had to, just for a moment, get away. While the speaker continued teaching, I opened my Bible to Psalm 63, and as I read, tears filled my eyes as I just took in the beauty and promise of God. This passage completely reflected my heart. David said it much better than I ever could have articulated.

I will fail if I don't spend time meditating on God Himself. If I prioritize trying to do this job well in my own strength, everything crumbles.

I am also SO thrilled to be going to this city. I have checked out some books from our library and I find it to be an intoxicating place already. So, so, so excited. And so happy that this is coming to fruition after years of dreaming, of considering what it would be like to be in missions. I am in it. I am preparing to do what I think I'm made to do... and that makes my heart so... full.

Hope this wasn't TOO candid. Training really is wonderful. It's just hard sometimes.

With love and promise,
So, the other day I had the amaaazing opportunity to have a portrait session with the lovely Nancy Ray. What a beautiful, talented, encouraging lady she is! I am so blessed to have her in my life. I'm soo excited about the photos! They're so happy and fun and nature-y and I love it!!!

nancyrayblog.com -- check it. And become hooked, because her portraits/weddings are phenomenal.

With love and lots of happy photos to choose from for prayer cards,
My life right now is a whirlwind of blessings, giddy smiles, tears, goodbyes, etc.

I'm journaling a lot more... moments are precious and I don't want to forget them.

I tend to get a bit emo these days, so here I am going to list the things I'm looking forward to.

*A fresh beginning.

*Being able to 'nest.' Not that I'll have a family or anything, but I love decorating, and I think it'll be good to create a space of my own when I arrive in Europe. Eee!

*New streets to explore

*Lots of good coffee, from what I hear

*A job that allows me to flex my creative muscles and do what I am really passionate about.

*A people that I can't wait to get to know and serve and show that they are valuable and loved.

*Peace in the fact that God has orchestrated this opportunity perfectly. I can't imagine anything better, and the way this has come about is just unbelievable!

This will be so good. Note to self: don't be so sad!

With love and Jess Ray's new album (download it immediately!),
(This goes out to Thomas, who keeps me accountable. Ha!)

Written from memory, ready go:
Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honor God with your body. 1 Cor. 6:19-20.

booyah! Week one.

Currently listening to: Mad, Ne-Yo (I know this song is ridiculously old, but I just downloaded it, and I'm listening to it on repeat.)

I don't really have anything particular that I would like to blog about, but it's been a while and I feel neglectful. I also feel like I'm cheating on Blogspot because I'm working on making a new blog for Prague adventures... sorry Blogspot. We've had some good times, and maybe I will still keep up with you.
Here are some highlights in the current life of Megan:

1. I got my wisdom teeth out on Monday. I am awfully chubby-cheeked. It's embarrassing. I'm also sick from the meds and I just want to get better so I can get out of bed and actually see people.
2. Here are my New Year's Resolutions:
Memorize a scripture verse each week and keep up with them, writing them out cumulatively each month.
Create something once a week-- a special photograph, a poem, a recipe, a mug, a painting, whatever. And log it.
Drink a lot of water. It's healthy.
I figure these are all tangible enough. Not like, "Be more mindful of what you eat," or "Exercise more." Runners-up include falling into a responsible/healthy routine, learning how to be a good storyteller, and not letting boys ru(i)n my life. (You see what I did there?) All of which are good goals that I also hope to accomplish.

3. I am leaving for two months of training in Richmond in 19 days!! What in the world. I am so ready/not ready for this. I love the people in my life and I just don't want to let them go yet. But I'm also ready to start a job that I think I will love. It will be so good for me. The timing is just bad in some ways.
4. My mom gave me a little pot of hyacinth, which smells unbelievable and makes me very happy.
5. I like A Fine Frenzy. What wonderful girly music.
6. Here's some fun things that I've come across on the interwebs recently. And I hope you're not offended by the use of the word "hell." I think this comic is hilarious.

With love and talking about weddingy things with Bristol,
I'm so thankful for the way Scripture refreshes. When I spend time away from it, I get that weak feeling... that feeling I get when I'm too lazy to pack healthy lunches for work and consequently eat nothing but fast food all day... that dehydrated, malnourished, alive-but-not-living-well feeling.

And then I come back to Scripture, and it's like everything falls into place again. This is the way things are supposed to be. God speaks, and I am filled with truth.

While those times away from God's Word are not good, I do return with a certain thirst for it, the kind that results only from separation. Even the simplest words of truth completely alter my perspective.

That's how I'm feeling today... I'm just skimming across the Old Testament, taking in all the goodness of God, His faithfulness to Israel over and over and over again, even when they were so unfaithful. Every instance of His faithfulness strikes me because I know it so well. He is so good to me when I am selfish to the core.

The end.

With love and such,

In the past two days, I have experienced so much wonderfulness from my co-workers, who also happen to be dear friends.

This wonderfulness includes a fun manager-approved Dunkin Donuts run, conversations with funny fake accents that maybe went too far (a customer was abruptly greeted with a "HALLO!"), the image of a VERY awkward dance to Earth, Wind and Fire seared into my brain, and lots of hearty laughs in the midst of a very busy and stressful two days.

In short, I love the people I work with. A lot, a lot, a lot, times infinity.

Also on the list of people I think are great: two ladies who sent me Christmas cards with really personal messages (both of which made me cry, and I don't really cry a lot). I'm so thankful to know so many talented and strong ladies and to share life and adventures with them.

Now I have a decorated tree and I am watching The Holiday until I drift off into a deep sleep. I will wake up whenever my littlest brother bursts into my room and declares it is time for me to get up. This usually happens around 7.

And I am so thankful for Jesus. What a beautiful Savior. I can't even wrap my mind around it. And meditating on Him and His birth these past few weeks has been so refreshing.

With love and joy,